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Step 3: Additional tech support if needed. Skip that material which is not suitable for your purpose. Remember to keep your reading attack flexible. Shift gears pfizer cytotec selection to selection.

Remember pfizer cytotec adjust your rate within a given article according to the type of road you are traveling and to your purposes in traveling it. Most по этому адресу, remember: You must practice these techniques until a flexible reading rate becomes second nature to youNo words are as helpful while reading as the prepositions pfizer cytotec conjunctions that guide your mind along the pfizer cytotec of the author's ideas.

Master these words and phrases and pfizer cytotec will almost immediately become a better reader. Read summaries pfizer cytotec the end of chapters and books. Try to anticipate what the author is going to say. Write these notes on paper, then look it over to get an overall idea.

Step 2: Questions Turn paragraph headings into questions (e. Write these questions out. Step pfizer cytotec Read Read with alertness to pfizer cytotec the questions you pfizer cytotec up with. Write notes, in your own words, under each question. Finish up with a mental picture of the WHOLE Adapted from F.

New York: Harper and Bros. Chapter II Steps to Follow in Skimming for the Main Ideas Read the title of the selection carefully. Determine what clues it gives you as to what the selection is about.

Look carefully pfizer cytotec the headings and other organizational clues. These tip you off to the pfizer cytotec points that the author wants you to learn.

Features - at a glance Text-to-speech: Reads words, passages, or whole documents aloud with easy-to-follow dual color highlighting. Check It: Reviews writing for incorrect grammar, spelling pfizer cytotec, capitalization, punctuation, verb tense and more.

Audio Maker: Converts selected text into an audio file, and automatically downloads. Download Instructions: Please review the information provided below for each pfizer cytotec, which includes video instructions for downloading and installing the program for your preferred platform. Vary Your Reading Rate A few broad suggestions may help you to select your rate(s) within the particular article: Decrease speed when you find the following: Привожу ссылку unfamiliar word not made clear by the gtn. Long and uninvolved sentence and paragraph structure.

Slow pfizer cytotec enough to enable you pfizer cytotec untangle them and get an accurate idea of what the passage says. Unfamiliar or abstract ideas. Look for applications or examples which will give them meaning. Demand that an idea "make sense.

Find someone to help you if necessary. This includes complicated directions, pfizer cytotec principles, materials on which you have scant background.

Material on which you want detailed retention. The key pfizer cytotec memory is organization and recitation. Speed should not be a consideration here. Increase speed when pfizer cytotec find the following: Simple material with few ideas new to you. Move rapidly over the familiar.

Unnecessary examples and illustrations. These are included to clarify ideas. If not needed, move over pfizer cytotec rapidly. Detailed explanation and elaboration which you do not need. These can be rapidly pfizer cytotec, even with scan techniques Skip that material which is not suitable for your purpose. Most important, remember: You must practice these techniques until a flexible reading rate becomes second nature to you The Pivotal Words No words are as helpful while reading pfizer cytotec the prepositions and conjunctions that guide your mind along the pathways of the pfizer cytotec ideas.



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