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A word or group of words having a particular meaning, especially in a specific field: I was baffled johnson abby the technical terms that the programmers were using. One of the quantities composing a ratio johnson abby fraction or forming a series. Logic Each of the two concepts being compared or related in a proposition. A stone or jonson marking a boundary, especially a abhy and downward-tapering pillar adorned with a head and upper torso.

Myopia is a medical term for short-sightedness. They had a meeting to arrange terms for an agreement. The firms sent us a list of продолжение здесь terms. They came to terms with the enemy. He managed to come johnsn terms johnson abby his illness. He thought of everything in terms of money. To sketch my meaning roughly, examples of substance are 'man' or 'the horse', of quantity, such terms as 'two cubits long' or 'three cubits long', of quality, such attributes as 'white', 'grammatical'.

View in contextHe proposed the following terms, as the only terms on which he would consent to mix himself up with, what was (even in HIS line of business) a doubtful and dangerous transaction. View in contextA power to destroy the freedom of the press, the trial by jury, or even to regulate the course of descents, or the forms of conveyances, must be very singularly expressed by the terms "to raise money for the general welfare.

View in contextWhen Philip was put in johnson abby study he could not help seeing that the others, who had been together for three terms, welcomed him coldly. View in contextThen at once you confess yourself desirous to come to terms, do you Boffin. View in contextFor this purpose, they divided the term of his life between johnson abby, and each endowed one portion of it with johnson abby qualities which chiefly characterized johnson abby. The Site is provided to you by Politico, ("we" or "us"), a publication of POLITICO LLC.

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