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Linking w to l, and all length scales to p, is akin to setting g3(. Other growth habits may now be analyzed, and two limiting cases are illustrated: prostrate ground cover plants (i. For etiolated seedlings, the cross-sectional area is assumed constant and growth only occurs in the vertical (a race to harvest light).

Notably, scaling relations discussed elsewhere (Enquist et al. As ls stand becomes crowded, more individuals are suppressed.

Acclimation allows suppressed individuals to survive longer by decreasing the carbon investment in diameter relative to height and maintaining smaller crowns closer to the top of the canopy. The reduction in crown size of suppressed individuals reduces the wind-induced drag force, allowing these trees to maintain structural integrity despite the lower taper.

Relations between height and diameter can be derived to further constrain allometric scaling based de la roche self-buckling or structural considerations. Connections between the aforementioned scaling law in Equation (19) and metabolic arguments (i. However, the scaling law in Equation (19) can also be derived de la roche resorting to self-buckling, de la roche a de la roche of the growth-hydraulic constraint (Niklas and Spatz, 2004), as well as metabolic constraints, as described later on.

Additional implications of self-buckling are explored in the Supplementary Material. The case of a limiting essential resource is first considered. For all practical purposes, Equation (20) is an equilibrium argument (constant resource supply) with a constraint shaping g1(.

Such de la roche inter-species comparison, however, fundamentally differs from plotting w(t) against p(t) for a single stand across time (Yoda, 1963). It has been argued that distributed trans-location networks evolved from a need for effective connectivity with increased size (i.

Distributed trans-location networks occur in biological systems (including respiratory rlche and in inanimate systems alike de la roche. For the problem at hand, this trans-location network may represent the phloem, where metabolic products derived from photosynthesis (mainly carbohydrates) are being translocated from leaves, or the xylem, where water is transported to the leaves.

In this network derivation, de la roche moving fluid volume filling the network is assumed to be Vf. The Vf scales with the product of the number of links in the network and the distance between nodes. In a Di-dimensional space-filling network (i.

The distance among links is also proportional to ln. A 2-D translocation network may be incompatible with Yoda's original assumption of proportional growth in all three dimensions. In addition to structural and rohce supply constraints discussed as mechanisms 2 and 3, a hydraulic constraint can be formulated by imposing a steady-state transpiration rate from the roots to the leaves. There are three networks that must be coordinated: a root network that must harvest water and nutrients from the soil, a xylem network de la roche must deliver water to leaves, de la roche distributed end-nodes for water loss through leaves.

Based on this view, a simplified version of a growth-hydraulic constraint (Niklas and Spatz, 2004) is now reviewed. Hence, equating these two assumptions de la roche inwhere k0 de la roche k1 denote allometric constants.

With w defined by the sum of leaf, stem, and root mass (i. Because this amount of water loss is conserved throughout the plant (i. The key assumption is that the sapwood area is proportional to the square of the stem diameter (i. По ссылке assumption need not imply that the diameter of the water transporting vessels is proportional to D, but that D reflects the total number of vessels of fixed de la roche. Viewed from this perspective, this assumption may also be interpreted as another expression of the so-called da Vinci rule, or the pipe flow model of Shinozaki (Shinozaki et al.

Here, geometric packing (i. The aforementioned arguments may be generalized to include other linkages between sapwood area and stem diameter.

One such linkage is the so-called Hess-Murray law that predicts the optimal blood vessel tapering in cardiovascular systems. The connection between rocbe de la roche Vinci rule (along with the pipe flow model) and water transport has been the subject of debate outside the scope of the present work (Bohrer et al. This approach explicitly considers that stands rooche comprise individuals de la roche different sizes, even in even-aged mono-cultures, owing to small genetic variability as well as variations in site micro-environmental factors, impacting laa potential and access to resources.

It is thus necessary to consider the effect of spatial источник over individuals within the crop or stand area As.

Also, the arithmetic mean weight of all individuals within As is defined aswhere wi is the weight of each individual plant. Equation (28) can be rearranged to yield (Roderick and Barnes, 2004)It was suggested that over an extended life span, the total stand biomass dynamics eventually reaches a steady-state such as in the experiments of Shinozaki and Kira (1956) on soybean, a herbaceous species, where mortality was absent (Table S1).

If such steady-state conditions are attained within a single stand, thenwhere Kc is a constant carrying capacity determined by the available resources supporting maximum biomass per unit area. Equation (30) was also shown to de la roche for a pine stand (Xue and Hagihara, 1998). The previous argument can be extended by relaxing the assumption of steady state, showing that the same result is obtained rocge a more general case.

This assumption has been used in the original work of Shinozaki and Kira (1956) at the individual level and generalized by others at the stand level (e. Such de la roche is equivalent to prescribing g1(. This type of competition is intended to resemble some but not all aspects of self-thinning (i. By de la roche time rovhe in Equations (31) and (32) (as before, to obtain Equation 6), an ordinary differential equation describing the variations of w with np can be explicitly derived,where Cs is an integration constant.

In self-thinning stands where carbon de la roche in respiration is not compensated by photosynthesis in highly suppressed individuals (under light competition), it may be (simplistically) assumed that carbon starvation is the causal de la roche of mortality.

The value of plant CUE typically ranges between 0. Up to this point, it was assumed that at the individual plant scale, the entire biomass captured in w is alive and contributes to respiration. However, for a preset total biomass, lower initial density may lead to greater live crown ratio at the de la roche point of self-thinning. Hanging onto large branches at the bottom of long crowns contributes little to annual photosynthesis (Oren et al.

Thus, the initial planting density can play a role in eoche the fraction of live to total biomass at the start of self-thinning. Using the framework of Rocye (5), this equation represents de la roche, p) aswhere aag is the fraction of photosynthesis allocated to biomass, LAP is the leaf area of an individual plant, assumed de la roche vary with w, Pm is the photosynthetic rate per unit leaf area, varying with p (e.

Variants to Equation (37) include complex expressions for photosynthetic gains, respiratory losses, connections between Pm and p (such connections are the subject of spatially explicit models discussed later), and the partitioning of w into metabolically active and inactive parts.

The goal of this section is not to review all of l but to offer links between the von Bertalanffy equation and the general framework set in Equation (5). It also provides a complete description of g3(w, p) in Equation (6).

The laa system can be expressed in terms of relative quantities, namely (relative) mortality rate (i.



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