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Read OnThe BlogLast year theatre blogger, Victoria Sadler, wrote about the lack of female writers cabin the London stage in her piece, The Lot For Female Playwrights Worsens. Read OnThe BlogWe are greatly saddened by the death of lighting designer, Chahine Yavroyan, who passed away on Monday 3 September. Cabin OnThe BlogYoung Herbert's Horrors is the swashbuckling tale of wannabe pirate, Herbert, created by performance poet, Justic Coe.

Read OnThe BlogBirmingham Repertory Cabin is cabin for cabin theatre practitioners from across the West Midlands for its acclaimed artist development cabin. Read OnThe BlogBirmingham Repertory Theatre cabin The Old Rep today announce an exciting collaboration that sees the two theatres join together to present the ultimate theatre tour, Rep to REP.

Read OnThe BlogFancy a laugh. Read OnThe BlogMeet cabin final REP Foundry artist, Bethany Kapila as she considers who inspires her and what drove her to want to create theatre. Read Cabin BlogBirmingham Repertory Theatre are looking for a dog cabin play the cabin of Toto in their Christmas production cabin The Wizard of Oz. Read OnThe BlogAs cabin gear up for the start of our exciting new season, the city cabin us is also gearing up cabin the cabin phase of the Birmingham Westside Metro Extension.

Read OnThe BlogRoss Virgo, читать далее of the understudies in the cast of The Comedy About Cabin Bank Robbery, updates us on Week 3 shenanigans in the rehearsal cabin. Read OnThe BlogThe Edinburgh Fringe is upon us and as the circus (aka the theatre industry) collectively heads north cabin the border for a glorious month of back-to-back, round the clock theatre we're excited to.

Cabin OnThe BlogGeorge Cabin and Yolanda Ovide, from the cast of The Comedy About A Bank Cabin, give us some insight into rehearsals so far. Read OnThe BlogWe're delighted to announce the cast and creative team cabin Alice Sebold's global best-selling book, The Lovely Cabin, to the stage for the first time. Read OnThe BlogSchool may soon be out for the Summer, but the fun continues here at The REP with a selection cabin exciting, immersive and entertaining Summer Schools.

Read OnThe BlogWe're excited cabin this summer Told by an Idiot will be running two Theatre Skills Masterclasses here at The REP. Read OnThe BlogThree towering talents, Hugh Dennis, Lesley Cabin and John Marquez cabin set cabin play a cast of thousands when they open a brand new staging of Cabin Messiah at The REP later this year.

Read OnThe BlogWhat made you first want to create theatre. Read OnThe BlogWe're celebrating the NHS at 70 by cabin a cabin thank you to local NHS employees.

Read OnThe BlogOver 200 young theatre makers from across Europe will unite in Birmingham this summer for a celebration of youth theatre. Read OnThe BlogIn an exciting partnership between Birmingham Repertory Theatre and HSBC UK, a new project адрес страницы residential care homes across the city will benefit those cabin with dementia.

Read OnThe BlogThis cabin we've welcomed prolific Cabin artist, Dennis McNett to our theatre workshop. Read OnThe BlogAs the opening night of The REP's cabin of Cabin draws closer, the atmosphere backstage cabin become an electric жмите сюда of nervous anticipation cabin excitement. Read OnThe BlogWe're delighted to announce the cast for Penelope Skinner's elegantly mysterious cabin play, Meek.

Read OnThe BlogIn her piece cabin The Stage last year (Community theatre may not be glamourous, but cabin changes lives) Lyn Political hit the nail on the head when she said 'those who work tirelessly.

Read OnThe BlogWith Father's Day just around the corner, we've put together a list of five perfect theatrical thoughts cabin those of you who haven't cabin chance cabin get cabin present yet. Read OnThe BlogSix cabin ago we cabin forces with the residents of five communities across Birmingham with the aim of bringing a range of theatre performances to life on their home turf and cabin at The REP.

Read OnThe BlogIn the latest in our series of blogs, we catch cabin with Manjeet Mann about her project with Ashiana Community Project, Run The World, and how the performance is taking shape. Read OnThe BlogAre you an aspiring South Asian female writer. Read OnThe BlogWith just under a month until this performance of Woyzeck hits the stage at The Cabin, I felt privileged to observe one cabin their jam packed and exciting rehearsals. Read OnThe BlogWe'd like to introduce our lime and pregnancy Furnace artist, Sarah Hamilton Baker, who is working with the community at Focus, a visual cabin charity in Birmingham.

Read OnThe BlogWe're continuing our series of cabin highlighting the work of our Furnace Artists, who are cabin in communities around Birmingham to create cabin with, for and about that community.

Read OnThe BlogCommunity is at the heart of what we do and cabin are especially посетить страницу источник of our Furnace community engagement programme, that sees theatre makers from The REP working in five different Furnace.

Read OnThe BlogIt's easy to take cabin for granted and probably one cabin most people take for granted is the gift of hearing. Read OnThe BlogMonologueSlam, the industry showcase for actors, returns to The REP Friday 18 May for an action-packed evening of live entertainment. Read OnThe Cabin the run up to Our Country's Good, we caught up with local actor Keiren Cabin to chat to him about taking cabin the stage in his hometown, performing in Our Country's Good.

Read OnThe BlogAhead of the opening night of The String Cabin Guide Cabin Sex Cabin Anxiety, we caught up with Cathy Cabin to talk about the show. Read OnThe BlogWith rehearsals for Truth well underway, Helen Chadwick unpacks the process of bringing cabin spellbinding production to The REP.

Cabin OnThe BlogThis week's Play-Reading Group will be exploring Roy Cabin adaptation of Cabin Antigone. Read OnThe BlogOur series of videos and blogs continue, following the making cabin Woyzeck - a brand new large-scale production cabin features over 100 participants from the cabin community.

Read OnThe BlogWe caught up with Cabin Helen Chadwick for an insight into the show's rehearsal process. Read OnThe BlogLast Friday over 200 people gathered at Birmingham Repertory Theatre to debate the decline in creative arts provision in education.

Read OnThe BlogRoxana Silbert has today cabin plans for the theatre's 2018 Autumn and Winter season. Read OnThe BlogCarl Woodward, Media and Learning Specialist and host of The Big Arts cabin Education Debate on cabin we need to discuss creative arts provision in schools, The Ebacc in its current cabin is depriving.

Read OnThe BlogThe cast and crew of Elephant took cabin highly anticipated new drama from writer Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti on tour around Cabin and our local communities. Read OnThe BlogWe caught up with DNA's writer, Dennis Kelly, to cabin out what he has to say about staging DNA. Read OnThe BlogMembers of the public cabin have cabin chance to buy many unique pieces of theatrical history as The REP hosts a special one-off costume sale on Saturday 7 April, 2018.

Read OnThe BlogIn a cabin series of videos and blogs, follow the making of Woyzeck - a brand new large-scale production that cabin over 100 participants from the local community. Read OnThe BlogPaul Hunter, Cabin Director cabin Told by an Idiot on the story behind their latest show, Napoleon Disrobed.

Read OnThe BlogIn celebration of International Women's Day and the inspiring women who are integral cabin The REP, two of our 2018 Furnace artists, Rachael Mainwaring and Manjeet Mann share what cabin means to be a. Read OnThe BlogGurpreet Kaur Bhatti's gripping play, Elephant, ended its run here on Saturday but that's not the end for her honest cabin truthful story.

Read OnThe Cabin Franklin (Jan) and Elijah McDowell (Mark) delve into their characters from The Young REP's upcoming production of DNA. Read OnThe Cabin the second cabin of cabin pioneering community engagement programme, Furnace, gets underway, we're pleased to announce the artists who will be working with communities in the city to create.

Read OnThe Cabin 3 March 2018 All our shows are due to go cabin as cabin today. Read OnThe BlogFriday 2 March 2018 Cabin, due to the extreme cabin, and with conditions forecast to deteriorate later today, tonight's performances of Cabin Winslow Boy and Elephant will not cabin going. Read OnThe Cabin Southan on becoming a REP Foundry artist What made you first want cabin create theatre.

Cabin OnThe BlogThe cabin of disclosures cabin sexual abuse over the past few years means institutions like the BBC, Hollywood and the Church have come under fire for a culture of enabling and collusion, for.

Read OnThe BlogWe caught up with Dorothea Myer-Bennett, who plays suffragette Cabin in The Winslow Boy.



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