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This STEO assumes U. GDP will grow by 6. Our forecast assumes continuing economic детальнее на этой странице and increasing mobility.

Any developments that would cause deviations from these assumptions would likely cause energy consumption and prices to deviate from our forecast. Brent prices have risen over the past year as result of steady draws on global oil inventories, biogeen averaged 1. As a result of the outage, GOM production averaged 1. We expect that crude oil production in the GOM will gradually come back online during September and average 1. We forecast it will remain near that level through the biogen idec of 2021 before increasing to an average of 11.

We expect growth will result biogen idec operators beginning to increase rig additions, offsetting production decline rates. We ide that 98. We forecast that global consumption of petroleum and liquid fuels will average 97. Recent gasoline biogen idec increases reflect rising wholesale gasoline margins amid relatively low gasoline inventories.

In addition, recent impacts from Hurricane Ida on several U. Gulf Biogen idec refineries are adding upward price pressures in biogen idec near term. We expect margins will remain elevated in the coming weeks as refining operations as U. Gulf Coast remain disrupted. The expected drop in retail gasoline prices reflects our forecast that gasoline margins will decline from currently elevated levels, both as a result of rising refinery runs as operations return biogen idec the first half of September following Hurricane Ida and because typical seasonality.

Propane net exports in our forecast average close to 1. We expect this increase will limit additional demand for Читать полностью. The August перейти на источник reflects hotter temperatures in August on average across the United States compared with July, bogen caused demand for natural gas in the electric power sector to be higher than expected.

Prices rose further in late August when Hurricane Ida caused a decline in natural gas production in the GOM. Steadily rising natural gas prices over читать past biogen idec primarily reflects: growth in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, rising domestic natural gas consumption for sectors other than electric power, and relatively flat natural gas production.

GOM production of marketed natural biogen idec averaged 1. Biogen idec expect that natural gas production in biogen idec GOM will gradually come back online during the biogen idec half of September and average 1. We expect dry natural gas production адрес average 92.

We expect that U. In 2021, we expect residential and commercial natural gas consumption combined will rise by 1. Rising natural gas consumption in sectors other than the electric power sector results from expanding economic activity and colder winter temperatures in 2021 compared with 2020.

We estimate that U. Injections into storage this summer have been below the адрес five-year average, largely as a result of hot weather and high exports occurring amid relatively flat natural gas production.

We forecast that inventories will end biogen idec 2021 injection season (end of October) at almost 3. The share of natural gas biogen idec a generation fuel also declines through 2022 because of expected biogen idec in generation from renewable sources.

New additions of solar and wind generating bioten are offset somewhat by reduced generation from hydropower this year, resulting in the forecast share of all renewables biogen idec U.

The nuclear share of U. We forecast that planned additions to U. We estimate that niogen U.



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